Mask Mondays – Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

fullsizeoutput_1beePeel off masks are all the rage right now and I can see why. They are fun to peel off and look great on a quick IG video or even a fuller length youtube review/tutorial. Another big trend is the black/charcoal masks you see everywhere with the close ups of all the gunk they pulled from your pores. My sister has really been wanting to find “the” charcoal peel off mask but could never provide much more than that description so she didn’t get very far. Recently, she was in Ulta and saw this Yes To version of the charcoal peel off mask and we decided to give it a go!


First, it’s about $16 (we checked Target, too, and it’s the same there!) so not a terrible dent in the wallet but it’s also only 2 ounces. The bottle does come with a built in applicator designed to give you an even layer and to assist in creating a thicker outline. This will make it easier to grab the end after the mask has dried to begin peeling it off. I like that it comes with an applicator but am not the biggest fan of it being built in. For only 2 ounces, I feel like a lot of the product will be inaccessible because you have to squeeze to get it out.


Putting the mask on is relatively easy although I did have to go over a few areas. Its best to squeeze as you go rather than to squeeze, apply, squeeze, apply. I know I have mentioned a few times now how little product you actually get but when applying the mask, you really notice how much you use. I would say, to get the full mask experience, you can get maybe 4 uses out of the single tube. $4/mask is not the most outrageous price but if you are buying a budget mask from Ulta I imagine you’d be looking for a little bit more value. It took about 15 minutes for the mask to be mostly dry but I left it on for 25. To be fair, my apartment was pretty warm so I wanted to make sure the mask was totally dry before I started to pull at it.

Full dried and ready to peel off!

The mask came off pretty easy and there were only a few spots that I had to wash off around the edges. It was not like the dramatic videos where you see a ton of stuff pulled from the pores and you can really feel good about cleaning your face out. I don’t have terrible skin (thank God!) but I know I have blackheads and I didn’t really see them get pulled out like I would an actual pore strip.


The mask did leave my skin feeling softer and more mattified, which is always nice. I think I wouldn’t purchase this again but I would use up what we have left after a nice scrub to give myself the glowing finishing touches. I definitely would not turn to this to help with problem areas or deep cleaning.


It’s not the crazy mask you’ve seen online and it’s not going to do any serious cleaning. A bit expensive for a bargain brand but good to remove any dead skin and give a bit of a glow.

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