Mask Mondays – Montagne Jeunesse Peel-Off Masque

Honestly, I never remember the name of this brand but I recognize it so easily. I remember seeing these anytime I went to a drug store or to Walmart with my mom. They are quick, individually packed face masks with random palm trees and I always thought they were cool. My mom would get them for my sister and I for holidays and it was my first real venture into skincare.


I very much remember grabbing a handful of these masks to try out each one and being disappointed when I realized I had bought and opened a “peel off” mask. Now, peel off masks are all the rage but when you are 13 and think you are getting a mud mask it can be a let down. Just like when you take a sip thinking it’s water only to find out it’s Sprite. Nothing against Sprite, just not what I was expecting.


Anywho, this time it was intentional and I was fully prepared! This mask is clear so the picture kind of looks like a just shed a layer of skin haha! As much as these are bargain masks, I do enjoy them. You get plenty of product in the package and the price tends to be reasonable. There was enough product here that I could completely cover my face then go back and add a second layer around the edges. I highly recommend doing this when the mask is still tacky so you have a little extra to grab onto when you actually peel off the mask.


This mask took a little longer to dry completely, about 35-40 minutes. As you can see, it peeled off pretty much in one complete pull which was so incredibly satisfying. There were some areas around my hairline that I needed to wash off and I would recommend you wash it off, not try to peel. It can pull your hair and might be painful! The results were not anything out of this world but it definitely left my skin feeling cleaner and more hydrated. I don’t think I would actively go out of my way to buy this mask for regular use but it could be a fun option for anyone throwing a girls’ night or spa day.


TL;DR This mask was fun and came off really easily but wasn’t anything spectacular. It would be great for a group at-home spa day or slumber party.

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