Thrifty Thursdays – Grow Your Ingredients


I love cooking. Like, a lot. It’s calming to me- even when I have a few pots and pans going at once or realized I have forgotten an ingredient. One ingredient I used to always forget was green onions. I don’t know why, I just never remembered them. Now, that will not be a problem!img_3806


For some reason, in our 20’s we tend to move around every year when the lease is up but now that I am at the end of that decade of my life, I have tended to stay put for at least 2 years and this has allowed me to explore my green thumb. One of the best ways to start a garden is with plants that easily re-grow themselves and green onions are essentially the easiest plant to maintain which is great considering they are also the easiest ingredient for me to forget! I bought a bunch at my local grocery store as a recipe I had called for one and had read that if you place the roots in some water, they will regrow. Well, lo and behold – they did! They grow back pretty fast, too, so while you are using the rest of the bunch, the ones you used before will have grown back enough.img_3807

Green onions are just one of many plants that you really only need to buy once as they will continue to regrow if you place them in water or a planter! Some others are celery, romaine lettuce, bok choy, basil, ginger root, pineapple and even avocados!

Other ingredients that are really easy to grow and nice to have around are basil, parsley and mint. I recently bought a pretty sad looking mint plant at my local grocery store and was easily able to nurse it back to health. It looks nice, tastes great in my water and smells like absolute heaven!

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