Fit Fridays – Keto Coffee


I think everyone has heard of some version of this coffee. Even my mom, who can barely turn on the computer, has seen various recipes for this paleo/keto/bulletproof coffee! I got this recipe from an app I have been using to help me stay organized with my meal planning (I hate wasting food or leftovers!) and thought it looked good enough to give it a shot!


It’s incredibly easy to make and although it sounds like it may taste kind of gross, trust me – it doesn’t! It tastes very creamy and with a sprinkle of cinnamon it can even taste like some fancy beverage you’d get at a cafe. If you are not a fan of coffee, you can always substitute black tea as well. I was surprised by how filling this actually was and have added it to my morning routine several days a week. I have tried plain, with cinnamon and vanilla and with cinnamon is definitely my favorite!



1 cup filtered black coffee or tea

1 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil

1 tbsp butter or ghee (can use 2 tbsp coconut oil if you have no butter!)


Optional Ingredients

3 egg yolks (I add these!)

2 tbsp coconut milk/heavy whipping cream

½ tsp cinnamon or unsweetened vanilla extract

3-5 drops liquid stevia


Prepare the coffee or tea as the directions call for. While still hot, add all ingredients to blend and pulse until smooth and frothy. Drink immediately.

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