Mask Mondays – Giovanni D:Tox System

Another bargain find (I think?)! I picked this guy up at a Marshall’s and have definitely enjoyed it a few times. This is another charcoal mask (seriously, they’re everywhere!) but is a standard mud mask that dries. For this tube, the cost was $6 which is not bad for 4 ounces of product. Research shows that’s about $2 off the regular price so I’ll take it (available here on Amazon). I also discovered this is part of a multi-step routine so you can include those products if you really like this one.

The texture itself is pretty smooth which makes for an easy application. It also has a bit of an earthly, clayish smell but it’s in no way overpowering. The mask takes about 20 minutes to dry and comes off pretty well. Another thing I liked about this mask is that it doesn’t get flaky like some clay masks can. The color is a lighter gray so don’t expect the typical dark black color if this is your first charcoal mask.

I really like the feel of my skin after. Its great at getting rid of excess oil and helping to calm any blemishes without drying out my skin which is amazing. I really don’t think I give this mask as much credit as its due. I have used this several times when I am in a pinch and it’s honestly a great back up to my all time favorite charcoal clay mask.



If you see this mask, buy it. It’s great for acne and will leave your skin feeling great.

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