Fit Fridays – Chicken Wings

I could eat wings every single day (full disclosure: this week, I have). My friends have actually ordered them for me on my way to the restaurant without even asking (#truefriendship). I’ve tried several recipes over the last few years that just never seemed to turn out quite right but I’ve finally found The One™.

This is a basic recipe for baked wings although you could definitely throw them on the grill after the initial go in the oven. There is a lot of room for customization in spices and sauce so don’t be afraid to experiment!


20-24 wings (about 4.5 lbs)

2 tbsp gluten-free baking powder

3/4 tsp sea salt or pink salt

dash of black pepper

1 tbsp paprika

Optional: cayenne, chili, ginger, garlic, etc..So many flavor combinations to try!

2 tbsp ghee


Preheat oven to 250° F and set racks to lower-middle and upper-middle slots. Line a deep baking dish with tin foil and place on top rack.

If your wings are not pre-cut, separate the wings at the joints. You may end up with three pieces depending – flats, drums and tips. Don’t throw out the tips! They can be stored in the freezer and used broth or stock in the future.

Place the wings in a large ziplock bag along with the baking powder, salt and spice(s). Toss to evenly coat each piece.

Layer the wings on the lined baking sheet, skin side up. IMPORTANT: Brush each piece with melted ghee (this is what will make the wings crispy!) and bake for 30 minutes on the lower rack.

After the initial baking, you can move the wings to the grill or continue in the oven at 425°F for 50 minutes on the upper rack. If you continue to bake, rotate the wings at the 25 minute mark to ensure even cooking.

Once cooked, allow wings to rest for 5 minutes then serve with your choice of sauce (or not!). My favorite is Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Sauce. For all those on a low-carb or ketogenic diet, this sauce only has 1 g of carbs per serving and a ton of flavor!

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