Mask Mondays – GlamGlow Brightening Mask

I did it. I caved and purchased a few GlamGlow masks just to see if they really are worth all the hype. First up – FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment.

This mask was completely different from any other mask I have tried. It’s essentially a scrub-mask combo which I will say I really liked and could be good for anyone who doesn’t typically use masks. Also, it smells distinctly citrusy-orangey which is amazing. 🍊


You apply the mask as you would use any scrub, ample amounts in a circular motion. The grain is small enough that it isn’t too abrasive but large enough that you can tell it is working. After that, you leave it on for 20 minutes like you would a mask. img_4875

While letting it sit, you can really feel the tingle. Nothing too uncomfortable (at least not for me) but enough that I would really suggest patch testing if you have sensitive skin. I would also not suggest using this mask before a night out! With the scrubbing when applying, the mask itself doing its thing and then the additional scrubbing at the end when removing the mask, you can be left with a definite redness.

In all honesty, this mask was fun and smelled great but did not really do much for me. I exfoliate before using most masks so this didn’t really provide any results I haven’t been able to get from a good scrub before most any mask and regular toner use. I can’t say its worth the $$$ but if you are new to skin care and need that built in exfoliation this could be a good starter mask. Also good for anyone who has no issue dropping $69 on an orange obsession.


This mask was definitely decent and improved skin appearance but no more than less expensive treatments. Could be too much for anyone with sensitive skin. 🍊

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