Mask Mondays – Glamglow Gravitymud

The Gravitymud mask is the second Glamglow mask that I have tried. You can check out my thoughts on my first Glamglow experience with the Flashmud mask here

I decided to try this mask not because its all over Instagram and makes you look like a chrome soccer trophy, but because I am actually it’s target user. *cues world’s smallest violin* I will be 29 this year and now is the time most dermatologists recommend starting preventative ant-aging treatments and according to Glamglow, this mask will help firm, lift, tighten, tone and do something they refer to as “sexy contour” (lulz).

I’ll just go ahead and  get this blanket statement out of the way about every single Glamglow product I have ever used – they smell amazing. Like, tropical vacation fruity drink on the beach amazing. And the scent does not fade so for the 20-30 minutes you are masking it can be very easy to just close your eyes and pretend you are on a beach somewhere. Another blanket statement, these products are expensive. The packaging for this box is literally covered with exclamations about how there is now MORE! NEW SIZE! LARGER! but it’s still more than I would normally spend on a mask that was not a definite game changer.

img_5217Ok now to the actual mask itself. According to the instructions (and Instagram), the mask is supposed to go on white and dry chrome. Mine went on chrome and dried chromier 🤷🏼‍♀️. Not complaining by any means, gave me more time to take fun selfies, but not sure if that’s a good thing? Either way, they do provide you with a small brush to apply the mask and I highly HIGHLY recommend you use it (I did not use theirs but one I already had) or the mask will not apply evenly which is very important for peel-off masks. As for painting on the mask, it went on very smoothly and I did not need to go back and touch up and areas after applying to my entire face.

Like the Flashmud mask, this mask does tingle and I would definitely recommend a patch test if you have sensitive skin. I don’t normally experience any tingling even when it is advertised as an effect of a product and although this did not get really intense, it was very noticeable and could cause issue for those with sensitive skin. Directions say to allow 20-30 minutes for mask to dry and I would say that is about right. I didn’t apply a very thick layer and it took about 25 minutes to completely dry.

img_5221Taking off the mask is the best part, imo. Peel off masks are always fun and this mask specifically is what set off a horde of teenage girls to attack Sephora looking for anything and everything peel-off so I was looking forward to seeing if I would be able to get the whole thing off in one peel, too!

Spoiler alert – I did😎. The formula is definitely one of the better ones as far as peel-off’s go and even though I only applied a thinner layer, the entire mask came off very easily in one go (peep that excitement, though).

So, did it change my life? Do I look 19 not 29? Is this worth the $$$?

The mask definitely had noticeable effects. You’ll see my skin looks more matte and my pores look smaller. My blemishes on my cheek have calmed a lot and are less red. My skin felt a lot softer and I noticed some of my patchy, dry skin had improved.

But every single peel-off mask I have ever used does all of that, too. I would have to use this regularly to be able to report on any real benefits but for now, this is just a more expensive, more selfie-able version of many other peel-off masks.


If you have the extra money, this mask is fun and has the same effects as every other peel-off mask. The chrome look is great for selfies and the formula is perfect for peeling off the whole thing in one go!

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