Thursday Threads – H&M



I thought for a minute there that a day would come I would not find anything relevant to my age at H&M. The local store was gearing heavily towards that crowd trying to relive my childhood aesthetic of velvet dresses and chokers. Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was great but I’m not a kid anymore. I ventured back in and found quite a few pieces so I was pleasantly surprised! This is a top I have won to work and out with friends. These shorts are high-waisted but not quite “mom” shorts and long enough that I felt completely comfortable in them.

img_5375Although not found at H&M, I was also happy to find this leather band for my FitBit. The rubber band it comes with is great for activities but having a more traditional or classy option is great!


Links to Shop

Green Tank ($24.99) Striped Shorts ($24.99) FitBit ($129.95) Band ($69.95)

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