Mask Mondays – Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask

Oops, skipped last week! My bad, guys.

Another peel off mask because why not but this is one of the OG peel off masks that has been around a while now. The Origins GinZing Peel Off mask has been on my list of masks to try for almost a decade now so shout outs to this excuse for finally giving it a shot!

As with all peel off masks, I highly encourage you apply the mask with a brush to ensure an even layer. This mask applies really nicely and the copper color helps to be able to see any spots you may have missed. Also makes you look like a bronzed statue so there’s that. 🏆

img_5425I would actually suggest using this mask in the morning. The scent is a perfect wake-me-up combination of citrus and ginger and with a quick dry time of 10 minutes, this is something you can put on while making your bed and picking out your outfit for the day.

Another reason? This mask actually works to clear away dead skin and reduce the appearance of your pores. It’s a perfect pre-makeup step to keep your foundation looking even and flawless.💁🏼

This wasn’t completely perfect though. I didn’t get it all off in one go!🙇🏼‍♀️



Get this mask. It looks good, smells good, works good (I know it’s “well” but I was on a good roll!😂)


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