Thursday Threads – Adidas Obsession!

It’s no joke.

I’m obsessed with Adidas. Residual Central European FOBiness? Who knows, but it’s real.

img_5478I’m also 100% here for this blush pink everything. Favorite brand in my favorite color? Yes, please. Thank you very much!

img_5480Side note, these are the first pair of ripped jeans I have ever bought. I would say owned but that is sort of a lie considering I actually wore a hole through the knee of my favorite pair of jeans growing up. Honestly, I did not think I would be about this distressed jeans life because #thickthighs have #thinpatience when it comes to jeans and I was afraid I would literally bust the strings. These were actually comfortable and I love the way they look.

img_5481Of course I had to complete the look with the classic three stripe kicks and I was definitely that girl in DSW demanding to know where I could find these. Finally together, forever!


Check here for links to shop this look!

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