Mask Monday – Origins Clear Improvements

Hi there!

Does your face produce more oil than Saudi Arabia? Could you go through an entire pack of blotting sheets in one go? Welcome to the Club! Please, have a seat.

I shared a great mask to help control acne a few weeks ago but if you are as oily as me or the U.A.E., this Origins Clear Improvements mask should definitely be thrown into the mix at least during the summer months.

This is no fun, frilly face mask. Its straight to the point and really works. It smells like clay (not bad at all but definitely not as fun as the Glamglow masks). This mask is a little more difficult to get that perfectly even layer but it’s not as necessary, especially if you aren’t a total oil slick and only need to concentrate on certain areas. As always, suggesting the use of an application brush.

This mask contains charcoal to really draw out the impurities that get deep down in the pores and the china clay sucks in all the toxins as it dries. If you have acne and dry skin (trust me, it IS possible!) just make sure to not wait too long between rinsing this mask and applying some sort of moisturizer. As ironic as it sounds, Julep’s Boost Your Radiance oil is actually a really great follow up. I know, I know but this oil actually helps regulate the production of oil and provides a great, but light, re-hydration after this drying mask.


This mask is the best at sucking up excess oil and helping to clear out all the gunk in your pores but can be too drying if used too often or not followed up immediately with an appropriate moisturizer. For those with oily skin or more oil production in the summer, I would suggest using once a week. For those with more sensitive or drying skin, no more than every 2 weeks.

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