Mask Monday – Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

Happy Monday 😁

Hope everyone has a wonderfully productive weekend! I am actually really feeling the Mondays today because I was go-go-go this whole weekend and did not have the time to just sit back and relax. A lot of my plans involved being outside which is always great but (!) can leave my skin feeling a little worse for wear.

Especially if I am around a lot of traffic like in a city (which I was), I feel like all that exhaust and dirt goes straight into my pores. I previously reviewed Glamglow’s brightening mask that was a combination mask/scrub but did not have the greatest opinion of it. Someone commented suggesting I should try this mask as well since its really similar.

This mask does not claim to be a brightening mask but it is a scrub so you will see some increase in radiance getting rid of the top layer of dead skin so it might as well add that on their list of effects. The scrub is also made of sugar – a natural source of glycolic – which will create a nice glow. They do however claim the activated charcoal helps to purge your pores of the dirt and yuck then you essentially scrub it all away with the sugar.

img_5771This mask is interesting to apply because it is a scrub but has a thicker consistency to stay on your face longer. I had a slightly hard time getting it even everywhere so I tried to mainly focus on my t-zone area. There is a very gentle warming sensation but nothing intense and honestly goes unnoticed after a minute.

This mask is also one of the quickest masks I’ve used. You only need to allow the mixture to sit on your face for 5-7 minutes and then you gently scrub (don’t forget – circular motions!) and rinse. The sugar is a much gentler exfoliate but still gets the job done really well.

img_5770I definitely saw an improvement in clarity and texture right after rinsing off this mask. Normally I have a tightness after more abrasive exfoliation but this left my skin feeling not just smooth but also really soft.


TL;DR This is another really inexpensive mask that actually works better than its high-end counterpart. This is a great combination mask and scrub and actually works to help improve your skin’s clarity and texture. A great post-city treatment to remove all the grime of the day.

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