Mask Monday – Sheet Mask and Relax

I hate Mondays. I know, I’m so unique.

I never seem to have enough time on the weekends to get everything I want done with traveling or spending time with friends. This is not a complaint – I am so grateful I get to see so many places and spend time with the greatest people ever- but it makes going back to the work week grind the absolute worst.

To make the transition a little nicer I like to do the opposite of what most people would think and set my alarm 30 minutes early. That’s right, early. Why? So I can wash my face, apply some of my favorite serum, take my sheet mask out of the refrigerator and lay back and relax while I enjoy a quick and easy pamper session.

img_5869There are a million different types of face masks and, to be honest, most any one will do. I have gotten a lot from Tony Moly and The Solution and have not been disappointed with either so far. I also found these eye masks from Absolute New York that I am also quickly becoming obsessed with. I have the hydrating as well as the brightening (seen in above photo).

I do highly recommend you put your masks in the refrigerator before using as an extra benefit. The cooling feeling is not only soothing but also helps to reduce any puffiness – something I definitely deal with in the a.m.!

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