Thursday Threads – Tough but Sweet

Like most girls my age, I am still obsessed with Mean Girls. Everything about that movie was hilariously spot on and definitely one of those generational movies that are destined to become classics.

During one of my viewings, I happened upon an interview with the costume designer. I will never forget her explanation of Regina George’s outfit at the mall.

regina george

(lol at this photo quality but shoutout to the internet)

She explained that she intentionally mixed the leather skirt with the soft pink cashmere cardigan as a physical representation of Regina’s personality – tough, but also soft. Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to be a Regina and have actively avoided them my entire life but that doesn’t mean I can’t take some fashion cues!

img_5780I love this look because it uses that same pairing but even adds a high slit in the skirt with a loose fit in the sweater, combing a little bit of sexy with a little bit of casual.


This clutch just adds a fun little pop of glam with the black and gold glitter. And just to be super extra – it’s made of plastic! 😂


Shop this look here.

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