Mask Monday – Purity Made Simple

Hi hi! With summer coming to a crashing halt, I took a friend up on an offer to go be touristy nerds in our own city this past weekend since I have done a grand total of nothing at all this season. Of course, we ended up mostly eating and just enjoying each others’ company but at least we can say we did it somewhere other than the usual locations! 😂

DC is not the worst city when it comes to air pollution but there is definitely more than necessary which can really take a toll on the skin. I also have to confess that after walking around all day – I passed out before taking off my makeup! 🙈One of the worst things you can do skin wise so I was really looking forward to trying out Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Mask. Mineral-rich, deep-cleansing sea salts are supposed to help naturally purify and detoxify for healthier-looking skin which is exactly what I needed.


When applying the mask, it starts off as a clear gel, kind of like aloe vera. You can almost immediately start to feel that deep-clean tingle that lets you know its actually doing something for your skin. They claim this is gentle enough for everyday use but, knowing my skin, I feel like I would need to work up to that. It was tingly enough that I would be afraid of irritation if I immediately added this to my daily routine.


Once fully applied, you simply massage until the gel turns completely white and then you wait just 60 seconds to rinse off. I definitely felt like it got some of the deep down dirt out and my skin did have a nice glow to it afterwards. The Vitamin E also left my skin feeling really soft.

I could  see how this mask could be a game changer for someone who has issues with acne or lives in a major city and is constantly exposing themselves to the dirt and yuck that comes with it. This could also be a great mask for someone who wears a full face daily with foundation and contouring. Personally, I tend to go bare faced or focus on my eyes during the week so this mask would probably be overkill for me. I think I would stick to using this after long days in the city or if I went to an event and wore more makeup than my usual.

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