Five Faves Friday

Layered necklaces are definitely still in right now which is great for those of us who can never pick just one! I will never forget my 6th grade yearbook photo where I am wearing no less than 6 necklaces and my mom was not happy. Guess she just didn’t know I was that ahead of the trend 🤣

I totally jumped on the name plate bandwagon (#noshame) and like to keep that necklace as my shorter, chocker-style necklace. One of the lengths I have has the nameplate rest just on my clavicle so it’s the highest but not actually poking my neck. I love this necklace from Brook and York for the name.

Rose Gold Nameplate Choker

The second highest necklace I tend to wear every day is my evil eye necklace. Nazr is real, y’all and I am not here for it. I have been obsessed with evil eye jewelry for years now and tend to have it on me in some form (phone case, ring, earrings, etc) and just about died when I saw this one from Katie Dean Jewelry. It’s so simple and elegant – LOVE it!


Evil Eye Necklace

Coin jewelry is kind of the thing right now and this mid length is the one I tend to cycle out so this one from Child of Wild is perfect. I’m also really into the mixed finish so it can be a great transition piece if you choose to mix silver and gold in your layers.


Aurelian Coin Necklace

The irony of suggesting personalized jewelry to stay trendy is not lost on me but I’m going to do it anyway 🤪 My home will always have a special place in my heart and I have several pieces of jewelry with the state of Virginia or the coordinates for Richmond on it and this is one of my faves. You can choose a location that means something special to you and Brook and York (yep, same guys as the first one!) will add it to this bar charm. I have both of my necklaces from them in rose gold to give some slight variance to my layers, too!


Coordinate Vertical Bar Necklace

Lastly, I like to add a touch of modern elegance to my layering with this pearl chain necklace from Majorica. This baby looks good on her own or added to an assortment and helps add a little bit of maturity to the overall look.

8mm White & Pink Simulated Pearl Station Necklace, 20

What do you guys think of the layered look?

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