BeauTea Tuesday Fall Hair Care

Fall is (F I N A L L Y) almost here and with it, should come some new hair care! The weather is getting colder, your days are getting shorter and, if you are like me, you are getting busier. This means less time for the relaxed air drying hair, no more humidity adding natural moisture and volume and definitely more time indoors.

First things first, get at least a trim. I chopped off all my hair in February and rocked that lob all summer but I’m really digging this grown out medium length so I’m just aiming for a trim. If you want to chop it all off, add some more layers, shave it – whatever, now is the time! Start fall off with a fresh ‘do!

Typically, I wash my hair twice a week in the summer/late spring and transition into once a week in fall and winter. However, with all the sweating and just general inability to escape the layer of yuck that comes with a high humidity, I tend to rely on dry shampoos and powders a lot in the summer. Transitioning to fall means I need to get rid of all that build up. Personally, I’ve found that Oribe is just one of those brands you cannot be disappointed in and their clarifying shampoo and conditioner are total game changers!

Now that you’ve given yourself a clean palette, now is the time to make some product changes. Without Mother Earth’s natural moisture (aka humidity), you’ll need to add your own. If you have think hair, I’d suggest a nice hair oil like . I have this weird situation where I apparently have a lot of thin hair so I can’t add a lot of heavy oils to keep my moisture in tact which is why I absolutely love ‘s . This keeps my strands hydrated but doesn’t weigh them down.

Another big difference between summer and fall hair routines is that I tend to let my hair air dry all summer. When your days are infinite you have all the time to let your hair just do its thing but with shorter days you need your hair dried and styled fast! Reintroducing hair dryers, straighteners and curlers can take its toll – especially if you aren’t adding any extra hydration. The least you can do is to incorporate a heat protectant like ‘s . This leaves your hair soft and smooth and holds all that damage at bay.

Finally – stop with the pony tails. They can become a habit when the weather makes you want to shave it all off to avoid anything touching your neck but your dry strands are more prone to snapping and breaking with the tension of an elastic. Instead, try pinning your hair back or up with bobby pins to avoid any unnecessary tension and keep your hair from breaking.

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