BeauTea Dirty 30 Anti Aging Friends

Well, no matter how hard I tried or hard much I ignored it, it happened.

Yesterday, I turned 30.

Jk I really couldn’t care less. I still act like I’m 15 and people think I look 22 so I’m good BUT I would like to keep it that way. To clarify- the looking 22 part not the acting 15 part. I think I should at least act a liiittle bit older but, eh 🤷‍♀️

Now that I have made the official transition to my third decade, I am adding some new anti aging products to my skin care regime. Your skin does change even if you don’t think it does and you need to keep up before you fall behind.

First – stay hydrated! Also, stay thirsty but like, stay hydrated, ya know? And as much as I am here for all that sassy water and hour-of-the-day markings on your giant jug-o-water, chugging H20 isn’t all you need to do. I highly suggest adding a hydrating toner like SK-II to your routine. Is this toner cheap? Hell no. Is it a miracle worker worth every penny? Unfortunately, yes. I wish I could say there is a cheaper alternative but there honestly isn’t one. Your face will thank you later I promise.

Scrubs are also not going to cut it anymore as your only form of exfoliation. We’re “adults” now and need some serious business to stimulate that skin cell turnover which means chemical exfoliation. These pads from Dr. Dennis Gross are not only incredibly easy to use but don’t take long at all to show they are putting in the work. Almost immediately you see a resurfacing of the skin that helps you stay looking like the little cutie that you are.

I’ve also added some external vitamin c in addition to the multivitamins I’ve been taking. These serums from Ole Henrikson have become my besties. The morning serum helps add some of the protection from the daily combatants and the evening serum really truly works every minute you are asleep to make sure you wake up to soft, even tones skin.

Another fun product you’ve probably heard of is retinol. Fun fact: retinol is used to treat acne but quickly became a go-to anti aging treatments of or those of you who still suffer with acne well into adulthood, you may have noticed that your insurance company won’t cover this prescription right off the bat. Too many people started going to there dermatologist for their “adult acne” to get this bomb ass wrinkle defense cream for a few dollars and ruined it for those who really need it. Wonderful 🙄 Anywho- there are plenty of products out there that contain enough retinol to get the job done without all that insurance fraud. My favorite is this night oil from Sunday Riley. It goes on light and really works well pretty quickly.

Lastly, I’ve added this black tea mask from Fresh into my rotation to use at least once but generally twice a week. I use it over the serum/oil in lieu of a cream and honestly wake up with very clearly hydrated and firmed up skin.

I’m sure over the next 10 years I’ll add a few more and rotate out some of my key products but for now, these lovelies are really doing the trick 😍

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