BeauTea Scents to Fall in Love With

I have my go to’s and my classics but there is something about perfume that makes me feel bougie as hell and I’ll find any excuse to snag another bottle so thanks, season change, for convincing me to add a few more to my vanity.

Summer is all about light and fun scents but as we transition into the cooler weather, I find myself leaning towards bolder scents. I’m sure there is some science behind needing something stronger (colder temperatures make smells less potent maybe? Yes? No? Will we go with it – absolutely). Either that or I just become more intense the darker the days get and I need my aroma to match. Whatever the cause, these guys have really caught my attention this fall.

Tom Ford Oud

Leeeeetttttt meeee tellllll youuuu something. I hated oud. HATED oud. H A T E D oud. Then I loved it. What can I say, I’ve matured. This one from Tom Ford has me hooked and I blame my Virginia roots. It’s bold and lasts all day but still makes me feel incredibly feminine.

Jo Malone Velvet Rose

I am a sucker for rose perfumes and this is the perfect one to take me into fall. It’s definitely rose but has added oud and clove. Its floral but warm, just like we need to keep us happy as the summer sun but prepared for the cold winter.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Another warm scent is this one from the Olsen twins’ line. It’s got the essential colder weather sandalwood and vanilla but some added spices ensure you don’t smell like a grandma.

Miss Dior

For a classic scent that will be relevant year after year, you can’t go wrong with Miss Dior. Its the perfect level of intense and always sophisticated with hints of mandarin and patchouli. This is the little black dress of perfumes.


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